Empulse R90Push Assist

Let it drive you!

Go longer distances without fatigue, easily ascend ramps, and reduce stress on your shoulders.

The eye-catching Empulse R90 powers your push with ease. Go longer distances without fatigue, easily ascend ramps, and reduce stress on your shoulders.

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Sleek, simple, and smart push assist


Sleek, simple, and smart push assist

The sleek, simple, and compact design allows the R90 to sit under your chair. It's inconspicuous and intuitive & maintains your chair's size and turning circle. The V-Lock attachment system secures the R90 to most folding and rigid wheelchairs. The simple Control Box enables easy push-button use and can be ergonomically positioned for easy use. When power assist is not needed, simply push a button to raise the wheel up for zero rolling resistance. The Sunrise Intelligence app allows you to select the performance profile that best suits your environment.

Push-button propelling


Push-button propelling

Limited hand grasp or dexterity? With the R90's wireless Control Box, you can start and control your speed with the push of a button. Conveniently attachable to any part of your wheelchair's frame, it allows you to: 

  • Raise or lower the wheel any time.
  • Adjust your speed as needed: lower in crowded rooms, or higher to match your dog's pace, with a top speed of 5.5 mph.
  • Get moving by pressing the plus (+) button, or propel to the speed you want and press the plus (+) button to maintain it, like cruise control.

The Control Box wirelessly connects to the R90 using Bluetooth®, ensuring there's no cable in your way. It maintains a reliable connection no matter your movement and can be easily detached for transfers or to prevent damage during flights. There's no learning curve; just faster, slower, wheel up, or GO!

Compatible with most rigid and folding wheelchairs


Compatible with most rigid and folding wheelchairs

The Empulse R90 is compatible with most rigid and folding wheelchairs. The reciever brackets don't interfere with chair components, and still allow folding chairs to fold.

For rigid chairs, the receiver bracket mounts directly to the camber tube and can remain in place, whether the R90 is on or off your chair.

For folding chairs, the assembly has a sturdy crossbar that is spring-loaded for quick installation and removal.

Sunrise Intelligence App

Smart Device

Sunrise Intelligence App

Use the app during the initial setup of the R90 to optimize its performance to the rider's weight and wheelchair. The R90 App allows you to select the performance profile and maximum speed that best suits your environment, whether you are indoors or outside. The preset drive profiles are tailored for specific environments for speed, torque, and slope thresholds.

The app shows battery charge, so you always know when you need to recharge. You can raise or lower the R90's wheel and check the position of the wheel from the app. Historical data is shown in a dashboard so you can track your maximum speed and distance. The app is compatible with Android and Apple® iOS.

What's included in the box?


What's included in the box?

  • R90 push-assist device
  • Standard removable battery
  • Control Box (with short & tall mounting plates)
  • R90 device charger
  • Receiver assembly*
  • Travel bag

Optional extras

  • Extended range battery
  • Extra standard battery
  • Docking charger (compatible with standard and extended range batteries)
  • Extra R90 device charger
  • Extra travel bag

* Receiver components for both rigid and folding chairs are shown. Only the components needed for your chair will be shipped.

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How do we use your information for a demonstration?

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Max. räckvidd:Up to 31 km
Hastighetsalternativ:6 / 9 kph
Batterier:Lithium-Ion 36V 2.5 Ah / 5 Ah
Maximal säker lutning:
Totalvikt:From 6.6 kg
Max. brukarvikt:125 kg

Alla tillval och tillbehör är inte kompatibla med olika rullstolskonfigurationer. Vänligen se bruksanvisning och beställningsunderlag för mer information.