Rafal Rocki


Rafal Rocki
""If you can dream it, you can do it" - Walt Disney"


Before my accident and even now, sport is a really important part of my life. I need to be active all year long and I need that feeling and competing with others. It really motivates me.

I first knew about wheelchair rugby in Warsaw, when I was on my first rehabilitation and was learning to live again but in the wheelchair. I really love the fight on the court, the speed, the action and having to think fast. You need to make decisions within a second.

Athletics was something that I found as an idea of proving and challenging myself, as it is something that does only depend on me. I like those few seconds when I throw the discus and I’am 100% focused, putting all my body and mind into it.



I did not chose rugby, it chose me. Years ago I was invited for the training and I fell in love with it straight away. This sport is really for tough people. It makes you stronger and harder and that's what I love about it. Plus I liked to take part in a group and to figjt on the court .

Last year I decided to try something else which is athletic. I wanted to be responsible for my own achievements and failures. And that is what athletic gives me. I can rely only on me, my condition, preparation and if anything goes wrong it is only my fault .

"I love fighting on the court, the speed, the action and having to make decisions in just a second."
My Sports Chair
"My RGK Predator wheelchair is really fast and an easy turning chair. It lets me “destroy” my court opponent quite smoothly."
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Vägen till framgång

IWRF European Championship - Vejle, Denmark

8th place

World Para Athletics Championshops - Dubai, UAE

6th place - Discus throw (F52)

IWRF European Championship - Koblenz, Germany

5th place

IWRF European Championship - Antwerp, Belgium

9th place

World Wheelchair Rugby Championships - Vancouver, Canada

8th place

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