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Arkadiusz Skrzypinski

Arkadiusz Skrzypinski


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"When I first saw a handbike, I realised that this is my future."

Arkadiusz Skrzypinski

Growing up in Poland, Arkadiusz came from a very humble upbringing. "We didn't have much, for nearly 20 years I had never been outside of my city. But I loved to visit my local sports stadium where I fell in love with sports, particularly handball and rugby". Upon leaving school, Arkadiusz secured a job working at a Polish radio station. It was whilst working for this station that Arkadiusz was first introduced to wheelchair sports via a local disabled sports club. "Sport can give and take away everything. I thought what other choices are there? There's work, but I want to explore the world".  

Introduced to handcycling in 2005, it was a sport that immediately caught his attention and kick-started his athletic career. "When I first saw a handbike, I realised that this is my future. When I bought my first handbike, I knew that I would never sit in a sports wheelchair again". 

It was also handcycling that led to Arkadiusz joining Team SOPUR/QUICKIE in 2008. Loving the companionship and the opportunities that being part of Team SOPUR/QUICKIE presented, Arkadiousz has won a multitude of awards, including the Boston marathon (2008, 2009), New York City marathon (2008) and the Paracycling Polish championship in 2014. "This is my family. It's with this team that I take my greatest adventures. I always love to choose the most difficult challenges. I prefer to lose, know that someone was better that day and learn from the experience. So when I win, I know that I was the very best".

From living in the same city for 20 years to joining Team SOPUR/QUICKIE, his passion for handcycling has allowed Arkadiusz to see the world, enjoy life and meet new people. "I have a beautiful girlfriend, a son and a loving family. I have friends all over the world and a head-full of ideas for the future. I'm just so happy!"

Arkadiusz Skrzypinski, Handcycling

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"Short and sweet - I love my QUICKIE Shark RS purely for its quality."
Arkadiusz Skrzypinski
Arkadiusz Skrzypinski



Paralympic Games (Rio)

Time Trial - 8th Place
Cycling Road - 10th Place


Paracycling Polish Championships

Race -  Gold Medal
Time Trial - Gold Medal

UCI Para Cycling World Championships

Bronze Medal


Paralympic Games (London)

5th Position


UCI Para Cycling World Championships

Silver Medal


UCI Para Cycling World Championships

Gold Medal


Boston Marathon



Boston Marathon


New York City Marathon