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Kim Klüver Christiansen

Kim Klüver Christiansen


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"Hand-biking helped me find a way out of my crisis after my traffic accident. It allowed me to set goals - a reason to fight for something"

Kim Klüver Christiansen

Born on the 8th September 1980, Kim Kluver Christiansen was 22 years old when he suffered a motorbike accident, resulting in damage to his spinal cord and leaving him paralysed from the waist down. After completing rehabilitation for his injuries, Kim attended university, where he completed a Master's Degree in Law and Economics. During his studies, Kim bought his very first hand bike. "A wheelchair basketball team mate convinced me to buy this used hand bike. From there, I was instantly hooked on the sport, it was a natural substitute for marathon running as I love the speed of racing. Hand-biking gave me a new purpose in life. Hand-biking helped me find a way out of my crisis after my traffic accident. It allowed me to set goals - a reason to fight for something".  In 2010, after having worked for 3 years as an auditor, Kim was introduced to professional handcycling after which he then quit his job, dedicating himself 100% to the sport.

Becoming Danish Champion in 2011, Kim joined Team Sunrise in 2012, winning the Danish championship a further 3 times in 2012, 2014 and 2015. Winning the Hamburg Marathon in 2015, Kim looks forward to the challenge of future competitions. "I love to set goals and fight for them. I'm always trying to make myself better, optimising every detail in the process. To succeed in this sport, it's necessary to have 100% focus. But it's not all about competition, I love the hand-bike community and my fellow competitors, we have a lot of fun between races. When my racing allows it, I give lectures at schools  where I tell my story about my accident and the struggle bouncing back. I also visit Danish rehabilitation centers for spinal cord injuries, where I try to inspire others with my story... It was very important for me during my rehabilitation to meet new people that I wouldn't usually get the opportunity to meet, so maybe I'll recruit some new hand-bikers to our community along the way too".

Kim Klüver Christiansen, Handcycling

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"My Shark RS is not only really sturdy with its rigid frame, it's extremely lightweight too."
Kim Klüver Christiansen
Kim Klüver Christiansen



World Championships

4th Place

Paralympic Games (Rio)

Time Trial - 4th Place
Cycling Road - 8th Place